Bridal Party


Maid of Honor

Having been born just 3 months sooner, she is my cousin and my first friend. Growing up, I looked up to her like the older sister I never had. Everything Phoebe did or had, I wanted as well (which frustrated her to no end!) I'll always enjoy her sense of humour and honesty. Despite living miles apart for most of our lives, the distance hasn't kept us from staying close. I am honoured to have you standing by my side on my wedding day.


Best Man

Scott and I were first brought together some 15 years ago by our shared appreciation for a fictional monster-based trading card game which shall remain nameless. Our friendship quickly developed into pulling all-nighter video game sessions fueled primarily by Doritos and Jolt Cola. Now that we are mature, hard-working adults, the Jolt Colas have been replaced by beer, and the video games have been replaced by... newer video games. We've remained best friends over all these years because Scott and I are cut from the same cloth. I am honoured to have Scott as my best man.



Being John's younger sister, Mary has always been a source of loving frustration. Even though they are now separated by an ocean, the two siblings have never been closer. That probably has a lot to do with the fact they no longer share a roof! Enduring John's stubbornenss is an ability that both Mary and Sapphire share, which is what makes Mary the perfect person to stand with the bride on our big day! We are very grateful to have Mary come all the way from her new home in France to be a part of our celebration.



Victoria and I attended the same elementary, high school, university and even the same church together. She was one of my first friends in Canada. Back then she made my six year old self feel welcomed in a new and unfamiliar place by sharing her board games and Barbies with me. From the beginning, I could see her kind and gentle spirit shining through. Even now as adults, she is my voice of reason as I can always count on her for unbiased advice. I am so glad to have you accompany me on the big day!



Joyce and I have known each other for over 18 years. We first met at our church and quickly bonded over frequent sleepovers where, through games of truth or dare, we dreamed about what our future held (including future husbands.) Growing up, I always knew her as the friend with the pool and big house which she offered up generously to us without hesitation. Over the years, her cheerful personality and boldness has made for many great adventures and good laughs. I look forward to having you be part of our special day!



I first met Carlon back in high school when we were both skinny, dorky-looking young men without a care in the world. I am very grateful that after all these years, Carlon hasn't changed a bit. Carlon and I have been on many adventures together and have generated a lot of fond memories. He has always been a friend I could rely on for anything. His easy-going and fun personality makes him an invaluable addition to the bridal party.



The biggest member of the bridal party with an even bigger heart, John (affectionately referred to as John 2) has been my friend for many years. We have had so many good times together it's difficult to remember them all. From starting our friendship over Rockband, to gallivanting through the streets of Seattle, John and John were a force to be reckoned with. John has been with me through thick and thin and is someone I can always rely on. I am very grateful to have him with me on my wedding day.



Talan and I became friends through our joint panic and frustration over a looming political philosophy exam. Come the day of the exam, Talan had not even begun to study. I, being the far more diligent student, had started preparing the night before. I graciously allowed Talan to read over my hastily prepared notes mere minutes before the exam, to which he has been forever indebted to me. Talan and I have gone on to experience many adventures and build a lasting friendship. I am very happy to have Talan be a part of my wedding!
Kelly Schmidt